Terms and Conditions

Thanks for choosing cComputer Tech.

NOTE: Most work will void your warranty if you have one. If you have us do hardware work on your device, this is your notice that the warranty may be void.

Most purchases come with a 7-day return policy from the date of payment and must be returned complete with all original packaging. Some returns may incur a restocking fee determined at the time of the return. Most items do come with a 1 year manufacturer warranty unless it is a refurbished item. If there is a manufacturer warranty you must contact them for warranty repair or replacement or pay cComputer Tech to manage this for you.

The following items are not returnable: Software, Printers, Scanners, Ink Cartridges, toner, refurbished devices, labor.

All computer systems built by us with our logo sticker on them have a 1 year parts warranty, and 3 years labor. If anyone besides us works on the machine, the warranty is no longer valid.

We will assume NO liability for any device brought to us, we do our best to repair a machine but if something happens to a device that we work on, we are not responsible. You have to trust us based on our history of great customer testimonials that we will treat you correctly in the event there is a dispute.

Abandoned Machines: If a device is left in our shop or in our possesion for more than 30 days from our last communication, it is considered abandoned and we will at our discretion hold and store the machine or sell it/otherwise get rid of it. We will not be held liable for any machine that is left over 30 days without communication.

Parts Ordering

When we need to buy parts for a repair job, we can give multiple options for most parts. Sometime we can find the part used at a great discount. Sometimes we can get the part directly from the manufacturer with fast shipping.

You can choose if you want option 1; Fast, Reliable, Warranty – this means you should buy from the manufacturer or one of their distributers

or option 2; Used/Refurbished, less of a guarantee – this can mean deep discounts

Option 2 can also mean that the part is coming from a third party or from China, so it can take a month to arrive sometimes!

We can handle this all for you, but either option requires the part to be paid for up-front and can only be refunded after we get our refund. We will go above and beyond in helping you deal with this process, but are at the mercy of suppliers from time to time.

Please fully read and understand the following terms before beginning work with cComputer Tech. Potential Data Loss: cComputer Tech, LLC takes absolutely no responsibility for any data loss during or after the repair process. Any and all data is the sole responsibility of the individual signing this document. Data loss is a real potential risk when working with electronic equipment. Unforeseen Damage: We are in no way responsible for any damage done to items left in our possession or worked on in customer homes in their entirety or in component form; whether damage is accidental or purposeful. Unlawful Materials: cComputer Tech can and will contact the authorities in cases where child pornography or abuse is detected on any device it services. Refusal of Service: cComputer Tech retains the right to refuse service for any reason. Unpaid Invoices: When we complete a repair, an invoice is generated. We expect all invoices to be paid in full within 30 days of creation. Invoices not paid in full within 30 days will render the device abandoned. By signing this document you fully understand that after 30 days of invoice creation you relinquish full ownership of any items listed on this document or left in our possession to cComputer Tech if unpaid or without prior communication. Rejected Payments: If a personal check is written and declined an additional $35.00 rejected payment fee will be added to your invoice. Additional collection or legal fees may apply.