We provide cost-effective services to accommodate all. Beginner friendly setups for some or power user design for others. No technical “mumbo-jumbo” unless you really want to know.

Computer Support

Typical office environments comprise of desktops, laptops, printers, IP/VOIP phones and maybe a server. How do you get them all to "talk" and work together? We'll show you.


In a world full of ransomware, malware, phishing and viruses, you can never be too secure. We can set up per-employee based logins, managed antivirus, and security systems/cameras, and other measures.


Guest WiFi is important to your guests, but it should still be secure and there are ways to do that. Shared office WiFi should be separated into private VLANs. Let's configure everything the correct way.

We work with

Solutions for everyone

Server & File Sharing

Sending emails of files back and forth within your organization is not very efficient. With network attached storage or a server, we can increase your efficiency and productivity. Even better yet, if you don’t want a server in your office taking up space, there’s the cloud! We can take advantage of services like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and Azure Files Sync to increase your workflow.

Network & WiFi Coverage

All, well most, offices have walls and walls can degrade WiFi signal/speeds. To get around this, we can install additional WiFi access points to always keep you running strong. We also work with low-voltage cablers to run ethernet in your office and get you online with a stable hardline connection. We also build out guest WiFi networks for restaurants, hotels and other businesses that want to share their WiFi with their guests.

PC Building, Repair & Office Setup

We assist with your entire project from the initial build/purchase of your computer to helping with your printer, mouse, keyboard and monitor, all the way to getting everything connected and interfacing together. We can provide solutions like KVMs that allow you to have two or more desktop PCs connected to one monitor, keyboard and mouse. We assist with setting up POS (Point of Sale) kiosks, receipt printers, credit card machines, etc.

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