Hourly Service Fee

Our Service Rates

We’ve been so busy looking after your IT and making sure that everything’s running smoothly, that we haven’t run an internal pricing review for a long time (three years). So, we sat down and went through all our costs and found that all of our business expenses including travel costs, software, and inflation have had significant rises lately (some as much as 40% each since 2019).

We calculated that to continue providing great service & support to you and your team and to make sure that we as a business are here for the long term, we needed to adjust our pricing slightly.

cComputer Tech aims to provide top-tier IT support and you can always rely on us. As always, if you have any questions, please get in touch.

Fixed Fee Option

Per User or Per Month Agreements

If you’d like to find out more about our Fixed Fee Monthly IT Agreements (Per Seat or Per Site) – simply email and let me know or give me a call on 719-239-0477.


$45per 15 min
  • On-site after remote diagnosis
  • Weekends/holidays
  • Any time outside of 9-5
  • Top of the list priority
  • *Travel Fees and 1 hr Minimum Apply