Frequently Asked Questions

Company Questions

Our services are primarily geared towards business clients in the Salida, Colorado / Buena Vista, Colorado area. We have small to mid sized business clients, as well as non-profits. We do, however, also help with some personal clients as well. It’s best to reach out to see if we can help.

We have an office in Salida and Buena Vista that are by appointment only. Give us a call and we can figure out what works best for both parties!

We have been in business in Salida since 2016. We have been providing IT services commercially since 2013, and been enthusiasts all our lives!

Absolutely! In fact, we work with companies to supervise employee’s iPads, Macs, even Apple TVs! We’re very Apple-friendly and use both Mac and Windows, as well as Android and iOS!

We are not an Internet Service Provider (ISP). We do, however, partner with you to find the best Internet Service Provider in your area. Including, but not limited to: Charter Spectrum, CenturyLink, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Starlink, HughesNet, Colorado Central Telecom, Hilltop Broadband, etc.

We work to prove ourselves through both our testimonials of previous jobs, but also with our friendliness and our true desire to help you. We’ve provided repairs and support to government organizations including evidence for crime cases, as well as for worldwide franchises, and especially local Salida/Buena Vista small businesses. Our focus and goals are to work hard to be someone you can trust!

Services & Details

cComputer Tech provides offices, corporate or home users support on-site and remotely with their technology infrastructure including PCs, servers, networking, security systems/cameras and mobile devices. We strive to be a one-stop shop with a rolodex of sub-contractors that can assist with all your business tech needs!

We resell and work with a lot of technology. We won’t be able to list all of it here, but here are some of the big name brands: Lenovo, Dell, ASUS, LG, Sonicwall, Cisco, Ubiquiti, Vilo, Apple, Nest, Ring, Blink, Brilliant, SmarterHome, Google, Microsoft, Spectrum, ESET, Azure AD, Azure AD DS, SharePoint, OneDrive, Google Drive, G Suite/Google Workspace, Ecobee, Luma, Lorex, SnapOne, SONOS

We build custom websites for our customers. You can have a look at some of our older designs here: Portfolio. We work with you from inception, to completion. We send you some design options, you pick your favorite and send us your content and we go from there! Even if you don’t have a domain name purchased, we can help purchase you one!

Absolutely! We are Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 resellers. If you have your own custom domain already through a service like GoDaddy or IONOS, we can get your custom email up and running with the security and settings you need.

Absolutely! Turn-key usually means that you want to be able to walk in and have everything just work the way it should. We can absolutely help with this. Depending on the customer’s budget, they may choose to do some of the setup themselves. Otherwise, if you just want everything purchased, set up and installed by us, we can do that!

If you have a small office with the company you work for and need help with your PC, VPN, printer, etc., we can come to you! For residential home PCs, we can assist remotely or with an office meeting by appointment only.

Business Options

We recommend calling us and informing us of your emergency. We will then walk you through how to get started with a remote support session. If you’re a business customer and we’ve installed your equipment, most of the time we can “dial in” to your network/PC remotely and get started immediately

Remote support is the term that we use for remotely accessing your equipment from our location to yours and diagnosing/repairing your equipment. We offer remote support services and you can start your own session from here: cthelp.net.

We typically recommend having one of our routers connected to your Internet Service Provider (ISP)’s modem and then having wireless/WiFi access points staggered throughout your building. For any space larger than 1200 sq. ft., we usually recommend installing multiple access points to accommodate your building.

WiFi access points are “dummy” devices that increase your WiFi coverage. They allow you to move around through a building and stay connected. For example, we installed 12 wireless access points indoors and 6 wireless access points outdoors at the Town and Country Salida building. This was done to allow guests and employees to have WiFi wherever they go. Not all buildings are as big as there’s so you probably wouldn’t need 18. This is just an example.

We do! Most of the time, we sell and recommend Lenovo business PCs, but we’ll work with you to find the best options. Recently, we’ve been really impressed with other brands as well. We can quote you on desktops, laptops, servers and NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices.

We do! We program and sometimes mount the cameras, but we partner with a few different low voltage cablers in the area including, but not limited to Brian Allen with Knight Custom Electronics, Red Tischer from Tischer Telecom and others. Usually the low voltage guys mount the cameras and connect the wires, then we come in and program the equipment and train you on how to use it.

We will occasionally install some DIY alarm systems for our customers, however, most of the time we refer our customers to security installers in the area.

Data Recovery

Depending on when you deleted the files, we may be able to help recover them! If you deleted them several weeks, months or years ago and have used the device extensively since then, chances are reduced to slim to none on our end. But we can still send your drive off to our 3rd party data recovery team to find out if they can.

We will always attempt recovering your files in our office first. If we are unable to do so, we partner with a 3rd party data recovery team based out of California. We work to get you the best service and price. We provide you with pricing information and terms before even sending your drive off to save you the most amount of money and headache possible.

Absolutely! Especially for very important files likes QuickBooks, Quicken, Word, Excel, PDFs, etc. We can either assist with getting you set up with an external hard drive for local backups or cloud backup solutions.

Before you get too concerned, try holding down the power button for 15 seconds, then wait a few seconds, then tap the power button once more and see if the error message comes back. If so, there’s a chance that your hard drive HDD or solid state drive SSD, has been damaged. We recommend you schedule an appointment or contact us.