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Computer Support

We offer basic and advanced computer support, including lessons and training. For individuals or businesses looking to increase productivity or ease-of-use, we're here to help!

Network Infrastructure

Whether you’re looking for stability, redundancy, or upgrades in your network configuration or you just need to set one up, we can do that for you! The right hardware and software combos make everything work the way you want it!

Data Recovery

It has happened to all of us. Data loss is unavoidable. However, with redundant backups and other tools, we can work to recover files and provide solutions to prevent you from losing them again!

Your Go-To

Tech support should not be a hassle. It's bad enough that devices can be so hard to learn for people. You don't need a tech guru making it worse. That's where we come in. cComputer Tech is different, and we’re great at what we do.

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IT guys have given themselves a bad name in the industry. Whether there are hidden fees or additional costs, it always seems like there's something. cComputer Tech is here to break that reputation and restore your faith in computer support technicians.